New study finds 85% of aneurysms identified by Viz ANEURYSM had not been referred for neurovascular review

6333 has shared highlights from new data set to be presented at next week’s Society of Vascular and Interventional Neuroradiology (SVIN) annual meeting (16–19 November 2022, Los Angeles, USA) demonstrating the significant impact of Viz ANEURYSM at a large hospital system.

After screening nearly 1,200 computed tomography angiograms (CTAs) for stroke evaluation at eight stroke centres across Texas with Viz ANEURYSM—which automatically analyses CTAs for suspected cerebral aneurysms—researchers found that a total of 85% of the aneurysms detected by this technology had not been previously referred for follow-up.

The median size of all of these aneurysms was 5mm, and almost half (45%) were larger than 7mm, a press release details.

“In our study, Viz ANEURYSM not only demonstrated the value of automated detection, but also the significant importance of facilitating referrals to the appropriate specialist, so fewer aneurysms get missed, helping more people,” said Sunil Sheth (University of Texas Health [UTHealth] McGovern Medical School, Houston, USA), primary investigator for the study.

By automatically analysing CTAs for suspected cerebral aneurysms, Viz ANEURYSM is intended to facilitate referrals, thus enabling hospital systems to ensure that healthcare providers can diagnose patients and receive the care they need at the right time. The release notes that these new real-world data demonstrate the impact that automatic detection and Viz’s artificial intelligence (AI)-powered care coordination can bring to patients with suspected unruptured cerebral aneurysms.

More information on these study results and Viz ANEURYSM will be available during a webinar on Tuesday 29 November at 6pm Eastern Time (ET). Interested parties can register here.


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