NeuroOne announces first clinical case using Evo sEEG electrode in robotic neurosurgery


NeuroOne Medical Technologies has announced the first clinical case using the Evo stereoelectroencephalography (sEEG) electrode in robotic neurosurgery.

Performed by William Bingaman at Cleveland Clinic in Cleveland, USA, the procedure was the first to utilise NeuroOne’s Evo sEEG electrode—exclusively marketed in the USA by Zimmer Biomet—with Zimmer Biomet’s ROSA One Brain, a robotic platform that assists surgeons in planning and performing complex, minimally invasive neurosurgical procedures.

“This clinical case utilising our minimally invasive and high-definition electrode technology with ROSA One Brain is a major milestone in NeuroOne’s partnership with Zimmer Biomet,” commented Dave Rosa, CEO of NeuroOne. “Now that Zimmer Biomet has commenced US distribution of our Evo sEEG electrodes, this case study confirms the synergistic use of our product with Zimmer Biomet’s robotics platform, which was the foundation of our interest to partner with Zimmer Biomet.”

The Evo sEEG electrode technology offers stereoelectroencephalography recording, brain stimulation and future development of ablation solutions targeted for patients suffering from multiple neurological conditions, as per a press release from NeuroOne.


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