Mainstay Medical announces two additional US patents


Mainstay Medical has announced the issuance of two new US patents for the treatment of chronic low back pain. One patent regards restoring muscle function to the lumbar spine, while the other regards anchoring electrode leads for use with an implantable neuromuscular electrical stimulator. Corresponding applications have been made in other countries.

Most people with chronic low back pain have exhausted conventional treatments, are not candidates for surgery or spinal cord stimulation, and in the prime of their lives face a future of continuing pain and disability. For many of these people the root cause of their pain is a disruption in the control of the muscles that stabilise the lumbar spine. The approach of Mainstay Medical’s ReActiv8 is to use electrical stimulation to elicit repetitive contractions of the key stabilising muscles of the lumbar spine to reactivate the body’s control over these muscles allowing recovery from chronic low back pain.

Clinical trials with ReActiv8 are ongoing in Europe and Australia, and the company recently announced US Food and Drug approval to start a clinical trial of ReActiv8 under an investigational device exception.