LowerMyDose website launches


For years, the radiology industry has focused on reducing, or eliminating patient exposure to radiation. Recently, the industry has shifted attention to the cumulative effect radiation exposure has over the course of a physician’s career.

To address this, Unfors RaySafe, a Fluke Biomedical Company, launched LowerMyDose.com to enable physicians and clinical staff to educate themselves on the risks of radiation exposure and measures that can be taken to protect themselves. This first-of-its kind community delivers the most current research about radiation exposure, as well as stories and anecdotes from practicing clinical personnel. LowerMyDose.com promotes peer-to-peer engagement through real-life experience sharing about the concerns of excessive and unnecessary radiation exposure.


“Radiation safety awareness is key, not just for patients, but for the physicians and clinical teams treating patients,” explains Scott Pollak, interventional cardiologist at Florida Hospital Orlando, USA. “Before I was diagnosed with cancer, I had some awareness of the possible risks of radiation exposure, but my knowledge was limited. LowerMyDose.com is an invaluable resource for physicians, technologists and nurses who are exposed to radiation on a daily basis.”


Radiation exposure in cardiac catheterisation labs, interventional radiology suites and electrophysiology is a significant but often overlooked risk for medical staff. LowerMyDose.com provides analysis and valuable insights to help educate physicians and clinical staff, giving them a broader perspective of what is happening in their particular specialty. The site also includes a dynamic blog with perspectives from physicians, technologists and nurses, administration and medical physics.


“Radiation is an important diagnostic and interventional tool for fluoroscopy guided minimally invasive procedures, but carries with it implicit risks,” explains Magnus Kristoferson, managing director for RaySafe. “Physicians and their clinical teams can no longer ignore these risks. This site gives physicians and staff an opportunity to have a conversation about what is really happening and enable staff safety and protection to be as high priority and equally accepted as patient safety and protection.”


Armed with information, physicians are better equipped to champion awareness and the change that is needed in the industry to protect future generations of physicians and technicians.  Information previously scattered among medical journals, news articles and personal experiences can now be found in one place, LowerMyDose.com.