Longer post-stroke time frame for thrombolysis


Studies on thrombolysis presented at the Neurology Congress demonstrate improved prospects for stroke victims.

Thrombolysis involves administering drugs intravenously to break down blood clots. Medical guidelines until now have stipulated that thrombolysis should be carried out only within three hours of a stroke.


Experience at the Berlin Charité has shown that comprehensive rapidly conducted MRI examinations on acute stroke patients can offer new treatment options. In the course of clinical observation of 11 stroke patients with ischemia, after MRI examination thrombolysis was safely conducted. This was done although it was unclear when the patient had suffered the stroke. “The results show that those patients in whom the course of the stroke is unclear can also receive thrombolysis,” said professor Einhäupl. “The precondition is that the decision be made on the basis of precise MRT results.” Further examinations have shown that thrombolysis can also be carried out on patients with acute stroke but mild symptoms.