IRRAS announces educational webinar series alongside Jacobs Institute and University of Buffalo


IRRAS today announced the launch of a new educational webinar series, entitled “Exploring the Impact of IRRAflow’s Active Fluid Exchange: Our Early Experience Utilizing IRRAflow for Intracranial Hemorrhage”, alongside the Jacobs Institute (Buffalo, USA).

During each live webinar, Adnan Siddiqui (University of Buffalo, Buffalo, USA), CEO and chief medical officer of the Jacobs Institute, will moderate a panel of neurosurgeon experts in a 60-minute interactive discussion around new treatments for intracranial haemorrhage. Physician panellists and topics will vary with each webinar, but the overall focus will be the benefits of utilising IRRAflow’s active fluid exchange to quickly and efficiently clear blood from the intraventricular space, as per an IRRAS press release.

In each episode of the webinar series, Siddiqui and an esteemed group of expert panellists will discuss the historical shortcomings of traditional treatment for patients with intracranial bleeding and how new technological advances, such as IRRAS’ IRRAflow system, expand the options available to treat this challenging patient population. In addition, each physician panellist will discuss their experience incorporating IRRAflow into their clinical practice, and share their recently published IRRAflow case reviews and ongoing clinical studies.

“We are excited to partner with the Jacobs Institute, Dr Siddiqui, and the University of Buffalo Department of Neurosurgery, to bring together leading experts to discuss the evolution in treatment for intracranial bleeding,” said Will Martin, president and CEO of IRRAS. “Dr Siddiqui and his peers in Buffalo are world-renowned for their contribution to advancing innovation in the treatment of stroke, and we feel that this webinar series will create an ideal learning environment where experts share advice with their peers regarding cutting-edge technology and lessons learned during clinical practice.”

The first IRRAflow webinar series is scheduled for Tuesday 25 October at 5pm Eastern Standard Time (EST), with panellists including Martin, as well as Elad Levy (University of Buffalo, Buffalo, USA), Jason Davies (Kaleida Health, Buffalo, USA) and Ryan Hess (Jacobs School of Medicine & Biomedical Science, Buffalo, USA). Interested parties can register for the series here.


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