Flowonix Medical announces first use of its Patient Therapy Controller


The first patients to benefit from Flowonix Medical’s newly Food and Drug Administration-approved Patient Therapy Controller (PTC) have received the device.  W Porter McRoberts in Fort Lauderdale, USA, and Daniel R Kloster in Kansas City, USA, were among the first to prescribe the state-of-the-art device for their chronic pain patients who use the Prometra implantable drug infusion system. 

“Many patients suffering from chronic pain find it inconsistent. When this breakthrough pain occurs, oral opioids may not be the optimal solution,” stated McRoberts, of Holy Cross Hospital. “For patients benefiting from the Flowonix Prometra II intrathecal drug delivery system, the PTC helps manage breakthrough pain by allowing them to self-deliver supplemental drug doses. By allowing patients to deliver an increased amount of medication as prescribed by their physician, patients feel they are better able to manage their daily activities.”

Chronic pain affects over 100 million Americans and is a leading cause of disability, loss of function, and decreased quality of life. Flowonix is dedicated to using technological innovation to enhance the treatment options available for patients with chronic pain. Its Prometra and Prometra II infusion pumps are the most accurate infusion pumps available on the market, says a company press release.

“The new PTC is designed to offer patients greater flexibility in managing their pain. The patient is empowered to hold the PTC over the Prometra pump and press the Rx button in order to deliver a bolus of medication,” stated Steven Adler, president and chief executive officer of Flowonix. “This innovation along with the Prometra pump’s unparalleled safety and accuracy make it the most advanced and patient-friendly system available.”

The Prometra II infusion pump, introduced in the USA in 2015, is an implanted system that allows for targeted drug delivery. This system provides continuous therapy for patients and may allow some patients to avoid or limit their use of oral pain relievers.

“The PTC is evidence of our mission at Flowonix to provide the safest, most reliable, most accurate, and most technologically advanced systems to patients,” continued Steve Adler. “Now patients self-administer a bolus of medication when needed.”