FDA clears MRI-compatible MEMS cannula


Alcyone Lifesciences has announced that the Alcyone MEMS cannula, a neuro-ventricular cannula, has received FDA clearance. The Alcyone MEMS cannula is a dual-lumen, MRI-compatible injection and aspiration cannula for use in the brain. The Alcyone MEMS cannula is not intended for implant, and it is intended for single patient use only.

“The neuroscience community is pioneering new therapeutic agents including gene therapy, antibody and oncolytic biologic therapy that hold great promise in treating chronic CNS disorders, but unfortunately they have lacked a clinically effective technology for precise CNS delivery direct to a neurological target and for optimal bio-distribution,” says PJ Anand, founder and chief executive officer of Alcyone Lifesciences. “Given that the very potential of these new agents is dependent on optimal bio-distribution, it is our hope that the Alcyone MEMS cannula will offer a solution for this critical unmet clinical need and further open the gates to novel therapeutic options for patients.”

“The Alcyone MEMS cannula was developed using our game-changing proprietary microelectromechanical system (MEMS) platform. Without burdening the neurosurgery community with unnecessary additional capital equipment, the Alcyone MEMS cannula can be utilised with any existing commercial imaging and stereotactic system. Neurosurgeons can select a target, navigate the Alcyone MEMS cannula precisely to the target, and observe in real-time the precision delivery of the therapeutic agent, all under intra-procedural MRI guidance,” says Deep Singh, director of Product Development at Alcyone Lifesciences. “In addition to the MEMS tip which has dual micro-channels, the Alcyone MEMS cannula features a unique patented distal end design that helps prevent reflux or back flow along the cannula shaft, which can be a significant drawback with current devices. The Alcyone MEMS cannula platform device is designed for optimal targeted bio-distribution and neurosurgeon’s ease of use.”