EBS expands commercialisation of Next Wave non-invasive electrical brain stimulation device


EBS Technologies has announced that it has opened its first ophthalmologic clinical site in Germany that is offering the use of the EBS Next Wave brain stimulation device designed to expand the visual field of patients with impaired vision caused by glaucoma, stroke and other neurological diseases.

Last week, EBS announced that a clinical study (“Brain functional connectivity network breakdown and restoration in blindness”) published in the journal Neurology validates non-invasive brain stimulation for restoring partial vision to an impaired eye; the company’s Next Wave system is a non-invasive brain stimulation device that is designed to expand the visual field of patients with impaired vision caused by glaucoma, stroke or other neurological disorders. Next Wave is approved for sale in Europe.

“Electrical brain stimulation could have the potential to reactivate residual capabilities of brain function,” says Carl Erb, a leading German ophthalmologist and renowned glaucoma specialist at the Eye Clinic Wittenberg Platz, Berlin. “We expect that Next Wave therapy will be offered to patients at many additional neuroophthalmologic and neurorehabilitation clinics throughout Europe. Consequently, we are pleased that our institution is among those that are pioneering this interesting medical advance.”

“There is an overwhelming and unmet clinical need for treating vision impairment caused by a variety of different neurological disorders, such as neuropathy of the optic nerve. Indeed, three out of five persons who are disabled from impaired vision as a result of optic nerve neuropathy, for example, or brain injury or stroke, are potentially treatable with our Next Wavetherapy, which is why we are getting enquiries from patients from not only Europe but also the United States and Asia,” says Ulf Pommerening, chief executive officer of EBS Technologies.