Biomodex launches synthetic clot product for neurovascular training


Biomodex, a company specialising in biorealistic haptic simulators for physician training and rehearsals, has announced the launch of Thrombotech—a new, hydrogel-based synthetic clot product that can be used for neurovascular training with the company’s EVIAS Plus training solution for the treatment of ischaemic stroke.

Thrombotech is designed to mimic the density and texture of an actual human blood clot. It can be inserted into a Biomodex 3D-printed blood vessel cartridge that plugs into the EVIAS Plus station.

Physicians can then practice retrieving the clot using aspiration and mechanical thrombectomy techniques. A distal clot filter allows physicians to see if they effectively retrieved the clot. This technology stands to benefit medical device companies that are developing new devices for thrombectomies and for fellows who are training for these complex emergency procedures, according to a Biomodex press release.

“Medtech companies and physicians are excited by Thrombotech because of its realistic nature,” said Ziad Rouag, president and CEO of Biomodex. “Clients using our biorealistic haptic simulators were telling stories about buying children’s slime or using chicken livers to simulate clots, none of which were realistic for training and rehearsals. So, we set out to develop our own solution.”

Thrombotech is available in three textures: soft, medium, and hard. Soft mimics red blood cell-rich clots, medium mimics a red blood cell/fibrin clot, and hard mimics a fibrin-rich clot. Biomodex debuted Thrombotech at the Congress of Neurological Surgeons annual meeting (CNS 2021, 16–20 October, Austin, USA).


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