Aneurysm embolization system receives CE mark


Nfocus Neuromedical announced today that its Luna aneurysm embolization system (AES) received CE mark for the treatment of patients with brain aneurysms. The Luna AES is designed to be a single-deployment, easy-to-use system for the treatment of brain aneurysms both pre- and post-rupture.

“Brain aneurysm treatment historically has been the domain of either surgery or, more recently, catheter-placed wire coils,” said Eric Milledge, CEO, Nfocus Neuromedical. “Surgery can be traumatic and expensive, and coils may fail to fully treat an aneurysm. The Luna AES represents a dramatic step forward in the treatment of these patients.”


The Luna AES treats brain aneurysms by embolizing blood flow while providing a scaffold to encourage tissue growth across an aneurysm opening and create a plug. The Luna uses a self-expandable, multi-layer oval implant made from Nitinol. The properties of the device allow it to easily compress within a conventional catheter, and then rapidly and easily open to full size once deployed within an aneurysm.


“CE mark approval is an important milestone for Nfocus,” said Robert O’Holla, vice president of regulatory affairs, Nfocus Neuromedical. “The Luna AES is our flagship product and we look forward to working with physicians and hospitals in Europe to advance this important new technology.”