Wyss Center announces CE mark for Epios Cloud brain data visualisation software

Epios Cloud

The Wyss Center has announced CE mark Class I medical device approval for its Epios Cloud software—a web-based application for the online storage, processing and review of neural signals, including the ultra-long-term data recorded by an emerging generation of devices for remote brain monitoring.

The novel features of the Epios Cloud allow seamless navigation of datasets covering months and years, while access through a web browser allows clinicians to access patient data anywhere and anytime, according to a Wyss Center press release. With the flexibility to connect to brain (or other bio-signal) recording devices over the web, the software also provides insights on multiple long-term data sources, enabling clinicians to develop bespoke analytics to support personalised clinical decision-making.

Clinicians are increasingly seeking options for outpatient neural monitoring over weeks to months, the release continues. In epilepsy, home-based monitoring of brain activity during everyday life will help characterise the type and number of seizures, improve diagnosis and pre-surgical planning, and help build personalised treatment plans.

“We developed Epios Cloud as we needed software that would track not only when seizures occur but also the bio-signals linked to epilepsy events,” said Wyss Center neuroscientist Aleksander Sobolewski. “Epios Cloud allows us to synchronise neural data with heart rate or movement information over months or years. It gives us a glimpse of what is really going on in the brain during everyday life.

“In the future, additional data streams could easily be integrated into the platform to support other clinical applications. Importantly, centralised data storage will allow a fundamental change in automated analysis of neural data, allowing artificial intelligence algorithms to learn on an ever-growing global data lake—the development of which is already underway.”

While current electroencephalogram (EEG) software is primarily optimised for the review of neural recordings that last minutes to hours, Epios Cloud is poised for the transition to longer-term recordings of weeks to months. Clinicians can also annotate the data with real-life events and develop novel analytics to automatically present regions of interest to complement visual screening.

George Kouvas, the Wyss Center’s chief technology officer, said: “Epios Cloud is set to reveal new insights about epilepsy in individual patients—paving the way for personalised therapies. Now that Epios Cloud is CE-marked, we look forward to connecting it to more brain recording modalities and to bringing this innovative, long-term brain monitoring platform to more clinical or outpatient settings across Europe and beyond. Epios Cloud also has potential for use in stroke rehabilitation as well as neuromodulation of brain circuits for mental health applications.”


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