partners with Cercare to support neurovascular clinical decision-making

4817 has announced a partnership with Cercare Medical that will incorporate the latter’s Cercare Perfusion—a fully-automated, simple-to-use, patient-specific perfusion software—into the Viz artificial intelligence (AI) platform.

In a press release, states that it is broadening its imaging features and functionality to best serve institutions that perform magnetic resonance (MR) imaging in the patient workflow, and that the infusion of Cercare Perfusion technology into the Viz platform “enhances the company’s flagship AI-powered neurovascular portfolio as well as the platform’s capabilities”.

Brain perfusion scans measure blood flow in the brain and are used to provide key information on the extent of tissue damage due to, for instance, acute ischaemic stroke—and performing this mapping of brain perfusion deficits quickly is pivotal to minimising tissue damage in stroke management.

Cercare’s technology provides maps illustrating oxygen availability, in addition to blood flow and volume, allowing more detailed assessment of tissue pathology and, therefore, optimised patient management for a variety of conditions, such as dementia and neoplasia.

In November, also announced the introduction of the Viz Radiology Suite—an AI-powered product specifically designed to alert radiologists in their workflow of suspected diseases, prioritise worklists, and connect care teams in real time.


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