ESMINT 2019: Drugs to strengthen aneurysm wall will be the future, regardless of intervention


Mika Niemelä (Helsinki, Finland) talks to BLearning Neuro about the ‘Decision making in unruptured aneurysms’ session he chaired at ESMINT 2019 (European Society of Minimally Invasive Neurological Therapy; 4–6 September; Nice, France).

Niemelä touches upon his own talk on the pathology of aneurysm walls and “strongly believes” that with “new potent drugs we can strengthen the aneurysm wall without the need for any extensive procedures” in the future.

Niemelä says “we have much more knowledge than we had 10 or 15 years ago” but adds that he believes that we should be “critical” of study data so that “we do not change everything based on single studies”. The decision to treat, he adds, will effect patients “for the rest of their lives” and as such “we have to be careful to not over treat or under treat aneurysms”.


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