Three centres’ experience with the Siemens ARTIS icono system: A NeuroNews webinar


Azam Ahmed (Madison, USA; moderator) was joined by Demetrius Lopes (Chicago, USA) and Dan Gibson (Milwaukee, USA) as part of a special live NeuroNews webinar titled Early adopters are changing the game in neurointerventional surgery’.  

The webinar gave a global audience the chance to learn more about how three centres are utilising new functionalities of the ARTIS icono (Siemens Healthineers) angiography system.   

Ahmed began by giving a presentation on his work with the ARTIS icono in a hybrid operating room setting, touching upon the system’s flexibility for operative and endovascular neurosurgery. Presenting a number of cases, Lopes highlighted the need to save more time for stroke intervention. In the final presentation, Gibson spoke of his first experiences with the ARTIS icono and discussed how he justified the purchase to his hospital administration.  

The presentations were followed by a live Q&A session which saw the trio of experts respond to a range of queries on the future of stroke care, the role of robotics, AI and machine learning and the design of the angiosuite with the icono system 

Closing the webinar, Ahmed encouraged the audience to “take a look at the icono system and how to incorporate it”, noting that it was “quite flexible” and concluding that there are “a lot of different ways it can be utilised”.  

This webinar was sponsored by Siemens Healthineers 


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