STC Life successfully treats patients with Parkinson’s disease at stem cell research and treatment centre


The stem cell research institute of STC Life and 97.7 B&H Clinic successfully completed mesenchymal stem cell therapy for patients with Parkinson’s disease.

According to a press release, 97.7 B&H Clinic administered stem cell into vein of the patients with Parkinson’s disease three times every two weeks. Mesenchymal stem cell, one of the adult stem cells, is used a lot for neogenesis, and the stem cell research institute of STC Life used stem cells separated from umbilical cord of foetus.

The patients who got stem cell therapy showed remarkable reduction of the symptoms, such as lalopathy and paralysis of arms and legs, and also showed satisfactory progress to be able to do light exercise. Furthermore, their linguistic ability, visual function and memory have increased and have not shown remarkable deterioration in cognitive function, the press release reports.