Sensome and Asahi Intecc partner to further development of Clotild smart guidewire


Sensome and Asahi Intecc have today announced a collaboration to develop the next-generation Clotild smart guidewire, with Asahi Intecc taking on the manufacturing role for this artificial intelligence (AI)-powered device intended for the treatment of acute ischaemic stroke.

As a Sensome press release details, swift clot removal via a mechanical thrombectomy procedure with minimal attempts drastically enhances patient outcomes. But, owing to limited knowledge on clot characteristics, current success rates in removing the clot at the first attempt stand at about 40%.

The Clotild smart guidewire—which incorporates Sensome’s AI-powered tissue microsensor—aims to change this statistic. The device has the potential to provide physicians with critical information about clot features, enabling them to make more informed decisions during the procedure.

With its extensive design and manufacturing competencies, Asahi Intecc is well-positioned for the creation and production of this next-generation technology, the press release adds.

Franz Bozsak, CEO of Sensome, said: “We are thrilled about our alliance with Asahi Intecc. Marrying Sensome’s unique sensor technology with Asahi Intecc’s exceptional guidewire design, we are pushing the boundaries of medical technology, with the potential to profoundly impact patient outcomes worldwide. This collaboration underscores our dedication to pioneering smart medical devices designed to address the present shortcomings of minimally invasive procedures in partnership with world-class medical device manufacturers.”

Masahiko Miyata, CEO of Asahi Intecc, added: “We believe that Sensome’s innovative AI-powered sensing technology will generate significant positive impact on acute ischaemic stroke procedures worldwide, and will contribute to better patient outcomes and quality of life. By combining Asahi’s guidewire design, manufacturing technology and experience with Sensome’s core competencies, the companies position themselves to create a new generation of smart guidewires at a high level of performance, reliability and, consequently, value to physicians and patients.”


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