Results from the ASSIST registry: Analysis of the first 1,300 subjects


Rishi Gupta (Wellstar Neuroscience Institute, Marietta, USA) presents the first analysis of the ASSIST registry, a Stryker-sponsored study that collected real-world data on thrombectomy techniques using Stryker’s Total Stroke portfolio. This core lab adjudicated study enrolled 1,500 subjects across 71 sites worldwide. This presentation features the late-breaking results of 1,300 subjects, presented at the International Stroke Conference (ISC 2022; 9–11 February, New Orleans, USA) by David Liebeskind (University of California, Los Angeles [UCLA], Los Angeles, USA).

This video was filmed by Stryker and is being sponsored for distribution in association with NeuroNews. Biba Medical bears no responsibility for the assets used in the production of this video.


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