Philips extends AI portfolio with launch of IntelliSpace AI Workflow Suite to seamlessly integrate applications across imaging workflows


Philips announces the launch of IntelliSpace AI Workflow Suite to enable healthcare providers to seamlessly integrate AI applications into the imaging workflow. Part of Philips’ new enterprise imaging informatics solution, the comprehensive AI workflow platform provides a full suite of applications for integration and centralized workflow management of AI algorithms, delivering structured results wherever they’re needed across the healthcare enterprise. Partners at launch include Aidoc, MaxQ AI, Quibim, Riverain Technologies and Zebra Medical.

IntelliSpace AI Workflow Suite was unveiled at the 2019 Radiological Society of North America Annual Meeting (RSNA). Leiden University Medical Center (LUMC) in the Netherlands recently signed an agreement to be the first healthcare provider to install the platform.

Integrating into existing department and hospital infrastructure, the suite automatically orchestrates the routing of clinical data to the appropriate AI application within the healthcare provider’s ecosystem to allow data analysis without user interaction, and displays the results. The suite is designed to support Philips’ commitment to providing open, comprehensive solutions to healthcare providers’ AI imaging needs. Natively integrating with Philips’ diagnostic imaging and informatics solutions, IntelliSpace AI Workflow Suite can also be used alongside imaging solutions from other vendors. In addition, the suite is designed to support the training of site-specific AI applications based on local data.

Philips was recently recognised by Frost & Sullivan as Company of the Year for Artificial Intelligence for Enhanced Radiology Interpretation, thanks to the company’s approach to imaging AI as a disruptive imaging informatics strategy.

“AI is already supporting clinical decision-making and increasing efficiency in imaging departments,” said Calum Cunningham, General Manager Enterprise Diagnostic Informatics at Philips. “Philips is among the top three companies in the world in terms of AI-related patent applications in healthcare. With the IntelliSpace AI Workflow Suite we are enabling healthcare providers to take a comprehensive, future-proof approach to integrating AI applications that maximizes their benefits while ensuring seamless integration into existing workflows.”

According to the company’s news release, AI-enabled imaging applications and AI algorithms are playing an important role in achieving the “quadruple aim” in healthcare: better health outcomes, lower cost of care, and an improved experience for patients and staff. As the number of applications and vendor’s increase, healthcare providers risk being overwhelmed by technical integration challenges as well as administrative overhead. By seamlessly integrating AI applications from Philips’ partners, the Philips IntelliSpace AI Workflow Suite enables healthcare providers to capitalise on the latest AI applications, increase diagnostic confidence and efficiency without adding complexity.

Philips IntelliSpace AI Workflow Suite is launching with applications including:

  • Aidoc: applications including intracranial haemorrhage, C-spine fractures, and pulmonary embolism
  • MaxQ AI: applications including the company’s ACCIPIO intracranial haemorrhage and stroke platform
  • Quibim: applications including brain lesions detection, chest X-ray classifier, emphysema, liver fat and iron concentration, and brain atrophy analysis
  • Riverain Technologies: applications including the company’s ClearRead bone suppression and ClearRead CT
  • Zebra Medical: applications including intracranial haemorrhage and pneumothorax


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