New Envoy catheters launched


Codman Neuro has announced the Europe, Middle East and Africa launch of the EnvoyDA XB Distal Access Guiding Catheter and the 7F Envoy Guiding Catheter for neurovascular procedures.

“To support evolving treatment techniques and the need for versatile access solutions we have expanded our Envoy guide catheter line to provide interventional neuro-radiologists with choice. The Envoy DA XB and the 7F Envoy have been designed to deliver distinct advantages during neurovascular procedures whilst providing the reliable navigation and stability associated with the Envoy range of guide catheters,” says Bertrand L’Huillier, director of Codman EMEA.


The Envoy DA XB Guiding Catheter

The Envoy DA XB Guiding Catheter enables access to more distal anatomy and is designed to provide additional proximal support of the catheter when more stability is required. The new catheter is part of the Envoy DA Guiding Catheter family designed with a soft & flexible distal segment for easy navigation and ease of placement into the petrous segment. It features a .071-inch inner lumen for smooth advancement of multiple indwelling devices, end-to-end braided construction, a distal 10cm hydrophilic coating, soft distal tip with a recessed metal marker, and BRITE TIP  technology for enhanced visibility.


“The combination of supportive stability and flexible distal accessibility of the Envoy DA XB makes this my preferred guiding catheter in the majority of neurovascular procedures,” says Maurits Voormolen, Division of Interventional Neuroradiology at Antwerp University Hospital, Belgium.


7F Envoy Guiding Catheter

The 7F Envoy Guiding Catheter is the largest-diameter guiding catheter the company has ever offered, expanding upon the leading 6F Envoy Guiding Catheters, it is the only 7F catheter on the market specifically designed for neuro procedures. With stainless steel end-to-end hybrid braid technology and soft distal BRITE TIP technology, the new catheters are offered in multiple shape configurations to enhance navigation of different anatomies.


“The 7F Envoy Guiding Catheter offers a significant increase in stability in comparison to the 6F guiding catheters, and circumvents the need to replace the guiding catheter during the procedure as well as the need for an intermediate catheter. In my opinion, the key advantage is the possibility of using multiple micro-catheters within the large inner lumen as required by the Pressure Cooker Technique or the double balloon remodeling technique, where both remodelling catheters and a third micro-catheter for coiling can be placed through the Envoy 7F.” says René Chapot, Division of Interventional Neuroradiology at Essen University Hospital, Germany.