Minnetronix makes “world’s first” expandable brain port available to neurosurgical markets


Minnetronix Medical’s first product, which the company says was conceptualised, developed, US Food and Drug Administration (FDA)-cleared and manufactured internally, is now fully commercialised and available to the neurosurgery market.

The only expandable brain access port on the market—according to Minnetronix—the MindsEye expandable port is the result of the company using its 25 years of experience as a medical device partner to identify unmet needs in the neuro market and create its own market-ready products for sale and distribution.

Mizuho America has signed on to distribute the MindsEye expandable port in the USA, a press release details.

“Minnetronix is taking partnerships in the medical device industry to a whole new level, which sets us apart from contract developers and manufacturers,” said Matt Adams, vice president and general manager at Minnetronix. “Our first from-scratch product showcases our end-to-end capabilities to support our customers’ needs across device conceptualisation and design, clinical research and partnerships, regulatory navigation, and manufacturing. We offer a whole new way for medical device companies, start-ups, and investors, to reduce the cost, risk and time of building products themselves.”

The MindsEye expandable port is claimed to be the first minimally invasive, expandable port providing deep brain access and visualisation during surgical treatment of stroke, cancer and other conditions, and is being used successfully at Tulane University (New Orleans, USA) by Art Wang and Johnny Delashaw.

“Its benefits to neurosurgeons, such as expandability, easier insertion and removal, and transparency that minimises glare and allows surgeons to see surrounding tissue, are truly unique,” said Delashaw. “The MindsEye expandable port has raised the bar for standard of care in neurosurgery and will improve patient outcomes.”

The MindsEye expandable port garnered four major industry awards for its unique technology and design, even before it was available to the market, according to Minnetronix.

“Mizuho’s mission is to deliver the best devices to neurosurgeons,” said William Delaney, vice president of sales at Mizuho America. “We now consider Minnetronix a partner for new device ideas and finished products. Since they handled all the steps in creating the MindsEye expandable port, we can concentrate on bringing it to market by leveraging the strength of our distribution channel to accelerate adoption and enhance patient outcomes.”


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