InspireMD reports successful implantation of the new CGuard carotid embolic system with MicroNet technology


InspireMD has announced that its new CGuard carotid embolic protection system has been successfully implanted in recent procedures, including a patient treated during the 17th Annual Symposium on Interventional Cardiology & Angiology held in Hamburg, Germany on February 1, 2014.

According to a press release, the proprietary CGuard carotid embolic protection system uses the same MicroNet technology featured on its MGuard and MGuard Prime coronary systems. The MicroNet technology is a single fibre knitted mesh wrapped on an open cell stent design in order to trap the debris that can travel downstream after a patient is treated with traditional stenting methods. This protects patients from plaque debris and blood clots breaking off and traveling distally in the arteries which can lead to life threatening strokes. The size, or aperture, of the MicroNet ‘pore’ is only 150-180 microns in order to maximize protection against plaque and thrombus.

The CGuard is CE marked and is currently being evaluated clinically in Europe. The initial clinical placements are expected to provide physician feedback and information for the company to better understand the complexities and challenges of this disease state within the patient population and help define further clinical activities for CGuard, the press release reports.

“As a clinician who has successfully implanted the CGuard carotid embolic protection in multiple patients, I have experienced first-hand the life-saving applications it can have,” says Joachim Schofer, Hamburg University Cardiovascular Centre, Hamburg, Germany. “The small pore size of the MicroNet technology allows excellent blood flow while trapping potentially harmful plaque debris and thrombus. The CGuard technology provides an elegantly simple solution for embolic protection for my carotid patients.”