Inceptus Medical gets licence to use Sequent Medical’s MicroBraid technology


On 28 March, Sequent Medical and Inceptus Medical announced an agreement that provides Inceptus Medical with a licence to Sequent Medical’s MicroBraid technology for use in select medical device applications. 

Sequent Medical’s WEB Aneurysm Embolization System utilises MicroBraid technology in the treatment of cerebral aneurysms. This agreement allows Inceptus Medical to also utilise MicroBraid technology for several new product opportunities where the proprietary technology may offer significant clinical advantages.


“Inceptus Medical plans to apply MicroBraid technology to cardiovascular applications for which the fine pore structure of this unique technology may offer clinical benefits in occlusion and healing,” said Bob Rosenbluth, president, Inceptus Medical.

“As Sequent Medical continues to expand its neurovascular product offerings using MicroBraid technology, this agreement will allow the benefits of this technology to be extended to other patient populations,” said Tom Wilder, president and CEO, Sequent Medical added.