IMRIS intraoperative imaging solutions to be featured at CNS


IMRIS has announced that use of intraoperative imaging for optimising workflow with neurosurgical focal therapies will be featured in its exhibition space at the Congress of Neurosurgical Surgeons (CNS) meeting (20­­–22 October, Boston, USA). IMRIS invites meeting attendees to visit booth 442.

Emerging focal therapies such as laser ablation and neuro-navigation combined with intraoperative MRI in the VISIUS Surgical Theatre allow for expanding minimally invasive techniques and accurate placement of tools for improved outcomes. According to the company, IMRIS products provide surgeons on-demand access to real-time, state-of-the-art imaging during procedures in the operating room without moving the patient. VISIUS Surgical Theatres by IMRIS are equipped with either high-field MR or 64-slice computed tomography (CT) that move to the patient on ceiling-mounted rails.

“We continue to develop and put into the hands of neurosurgeons cutting edge visualisation which support these growing less invasive treatment options for improving patient outcomes,” says Jay D Miller, IMRIS president and chief executive officer. “In some of these cases, these innovations are offering patients new hope for conditions once considered inoperable. The VISIUS Surgical Theatre is an ideal platform for neurosurgeons by enabling therapies in the operating room with enhanced surgical planning and assessment without moving the patient.”

IMRIS also designs and manufactures proprietary head fixation devices, horseshoe headrests, imaging coils, and operating room tables for use in this unique and multifunctional intraoperative environment.