Floridian Community Bank supports NSU Concussion Management Clinic


Floridian Community Bank has announced that it will sponsor the Nova Southeastern University Concussion Management Clinic, one of the largest community-based sport concussion initiatives in the state of Florida.

The bank recently made a financial contribution to the NSU Clinic, which provides state-of-the-art concussion management services to the thirty-two public and private high schools in the Broward County Athletic Association. Services to high school students include baseline testing, education and outreach and post-injury care. These services help to advise doctors and parents of the severity of a head injury, treatment needed and when the student athlete can get return to the field/court.

Joseph Marzouca, Floridian Community Bank chief executive officer, comments, “At the bank, we like to give back to the communities we serve, whenever we can. When this opportunity was brought to us – we jumped on it. We hope to support similar efforts in the future as well.”

Bank president Lee Frankhouser adds, “We’re very happy to be working with the team at Nova Southeastern on a cause that many of us at the bank feel so strongly about. We have all learned in the past few years how critically important concussion testing and treatment is, and we feel it is a necessity to support for South Florida’s high school athletes.”