ConcertAI’s TeraRecon announces release of AI-driven Neuro Suite


ConcertAI’s TeraRecon has announced the release of Neuro Suite, its artificial intelligence (AI)-driven clinical suite, which the company claims is purpose-built for disease triage, differential diagnostic insights, and care activation in many neurological disease states—such as neuro-oncology, dementia, multiple sclerosis and more.

The Neuro Suite is designed to integrate across entire healthcare organisations and address challenges that clinicians face when making decisions regarding chronic neurological care, a press release from ConcertAI states.

“As an AI-assisted specialty clinical suite solution, Neuro Suite was created to enhance specialists’ ability to assess neurological diseases using various types of imaging modalities,” said Jeff Elton, CEO of ConcertAI. “ConcertAI’s TeraRecon Eureka clinical AI offers a portfolio of solutions from the AI leaders in the neurology field, including Combinostics, Imaging Biometrics, and Cercare, creating a first-in-class capability and the only open AI architecture for clinical AI.”

According to the release, Combinostics’ algorithm provides a high-quality brain segmentation assessment on magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) to assess atrophy and provides detailed reports, as well as other functionality, to aid in the probability of a diagnosis and differential diagnoses for degenerative cerebral pathologies like dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

Imaging Biometric’s flagship algorithm provides meaningful insights into the oxygenation and blood supply of brain tumours, enabling key information regarding active tumour areas for assistance in diagnosis, progression, treatment, and posttreatment outcomes and planning, the release continues.

Cercare’s proprietary perfusion technology provides unique insights into blood flow and cerebral blood volume for assessment of neurovascular function down to the capillary level, offering valuable insights into all cerebrovascular and neuro-oncology diseases. The strength of the Neuro Suite provides customers the flexibility to choose the algorithms that fit the specific needs of the neuro workflows within their hospitals, the release further notes.

“We are proud to enhance our neurological offerings beyond TeraRecon Neuro to an entire Neuro Suite, extending to our clinician customers an amazing array of tools streamlined into one place and able to be interacted with to help identify and treat critical neurological issues,” said TeraRecon president Dan McSweeney.


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