Cerenovus unveils new clot extractor device in European launch



The Cerenovus Nimbus

Cerenovus, part of Johnson & Johnson Medical Devices Companies, has today announced the European launch of Cerenovus Nimbus, a device designed to remove tough clots for successful revascularisation in patients with acute ischaemic stroke caused by a large vessel occlusion.  

Ischaemic strokes account for 85% of all strokes and up to 46% are caused by a large vessel occlusion (LVO). Strokes caused by LVO have devastating consequences—they are responsible for 60% of patient dependency due to disability and more than 90% of mortality.  

Mechanical thrombectomy (MT), a minimally invasive procedure, is the recommended treatment option for acute ischaemic stroke; however, successful recanalisation is not achieved within three passes or not at all, in approximately 25% of thrombectomy cases due, in some cases, to the inability to remove a tough clot. Each attempt is associated with an increased risk of vessel injury and potential impact on clinical outcomes.  

Cerenovus Nimbus has two different design features to maximise tough clot removal: a proximal spiral section and distal barrel section. The spiral section is specifically designed to maximise blood vessel lumen coverage and device-clot interaction, providing engagement with the clot and facilitate dislodgement of resistant clots. Due to the design, Nimbus has the potential to improve reperfusion rates and reduce the number of passes required in tough clot cases, which may lead to improvement in patient outcomesclaim Cerenovus.  

Hannes Nordmeyer (Radprax Neurocenter, Solingen, Germany) said: “The performance of MT devices varies according to the composition and characteristics of the occluding thrombus and we know that retrieving fibrin rich clots and restoring flow is challenging. 

“Having a device specifically designed to retrieve tough clots for successful revascularisation may improve clinical outcomes and advance stroke treatment.” 

Nimbus is the latest addition to Cerenovus Stroke Solutions—a suite of technologies designed with compatibility in mind to help physicians perform mechanical thrombectomy procedure. 


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