CE mark for new Asahi Intecc neurovascular guide wires


Asahi Intecc has received CE certification of neurovascular guide wires: Asahi Chikai 008, Asahi Chikai black, and Asahi Chikai black 18 and is initiating sales in Europe.

According to the company, the above wires join the currently marketed Asahi Chikai and Asahi Chikai 10 in incorporating Asahi Intecc’s unique Actone technology, which provides improved torque performance, shape retention and support. One of the new wires, Asahi Chikai 008 is designed to deliver the flow directed microcatheters that are used for the arterial venous malformation treatment. Asahi Chikai black 18 is designed to deliver microcatheters for stent assist procedures, flow diverters, stroke devices and other devices that require large inner lumen diameter catheters. The third wire, Asahi Chikai black is a 0.014 inch workhorse wire for neuro endovascular procedures. Unlike the Asahi Chikai, the Chikai black has a polymer jacket over the spring coils to facilitate enhanced lubricity.

Masahiko Miyata, president and chief executive officer of Asahi Intecc comments, “Developing and manufacturing various sizes and designs of the neurovascular wires in response to the neuro interventionalists’ needs will contribute to the expansion of neuro endovascular therapy and ultimately benefit patients.”

Asahi Intecc started selling neurovascular guide wires in Japan from 2010 and has more than 60% market share in Japan today. In addition to the Asahi Chikai series Asahi Intecc will continue to improve guide wire and product design allowing for increased business expansion overseas.