Brain Navi to showcase NaoTrac and KrystoLens neurosurgical devices at upcoming conferences


Brain Navi has announced the demonstration of NaoTrac, a neurosurgical navigation robot, and KrystoLens, a single-use neuro-endoscope, at two upcoming conferences: the Congress of Neurological Surgeons (CNS) annual meeting (9–13 September, Washington DC, USA) and the European Association of Neurosurgical Societies (EANS) congress (24–28 September, Barcelona, Spain).

Robot-assisted surgery not only minimises the risk of human error, but also leads to faster patient recoveries due to increased precision, as per a Brain Navi press release.

NaoTrac, the company claims, incorporates advanced software, robotics and machine vision into a single device that helps surgeons perform less invasive surgical procedures.

With the system, non-invasive patient registration is done by the robot arm within two minutes, while instrument registration allows neurosurgeons to use the surgical tools they are used to. NaoTrac is built to assist with various neurosurgical procedures including biopsy, tumour ablation, and external ventricular drainage (EVD).

In addition, Brain Navi’s new KrystoLens neuro-endoscope is specifically designed to meet unmet neurosurgical needs, the company further claims. It has a wide, crystal-clear working channel to ensure accuracy in surgical procedures, while single usage of the device prevents post-surgery infection risks.

“NaoTrac robotic-assisted ICH [intracranial haemorrhage] treatment for the patients with low mortality [risk], but with severe symptoms, results in promising recovery and could be a reasonable, alternative treatment choice,” said Guo Jeng-Hong (China Medical University Hospital, Taiwan), who is set to share experiences during the CNS annual meeting.

“NaoTrac is capable to proceed the biopsy in the prone position, saving a lot of surgical time to improve the outcome of the patient,” added Stanley Chuang (An-Nan Hospital, Taiwan), who will be attending the EANS congress.

“We have been constantly investing, innovating and implementing everything possible to reflect neurosurgeons’ feedback into our products over the years,” commented Brain Navi CEO Jerry Chen. “As the utilisation rate of our installed base increases, we aim to introduce this new technology to more clinics and hospitals worldwide.”


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