Auto registration with surgical navigation from IMRIS and Stryker collaboration


IMRIS and Stryker have announced a non-exclusive collaboration of automatic image registration for spinal and cranial navigated procedures and VISIUS iCT and VISIUS iMRI surgical suites from IMRIS.

“Having these tools work together is an exciting opportunity for surgeons utilising intraoperative CT and MRI in our VISIUS Surgical Theatres. This open-platform collaboration aligns squarely with our goal of providing state-of-the-art imaging at the point of therapy,” says Jay D Miller, IMRIS president and CEO.

The IMRIS solution, according to a press release, makes images possible at key points in a surgery with patented technology that brings the scanner into the operating room rather than requiring the surgeon to bring the patient to the scanner.

“We are excited to partner with IMRIS to bring streamlined surgical solutions into integrated CT and MRI capable operating rooms. IMRIS shares our open platform philosophy and we believe that through this partnership we will improve the surgeon experience,” said Jim Marucci, Stryker Navigation general manager.

This collaboration is focused on improving surgical precision, streamlining workflows and increasing visualisation. The combined solution is intended to support the growing trend toward minimally invasive spinal and cranial approaches that spare healthy tissue, reduce pain, and speed recovery for patients.