Neuravi stent retriever platform receives new US patent

Neuravi’s Embotrap

The US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has approved a patent providing additional coverage of Neuravi’s therapeutic stent-retriever platform for the endovascular treatment of acute ischaemic stroke. Earlier this year, Neuravi also received a European patent grant for this platform.

The Neuravi intellectual property estate now extends to 63 US filings, 34 granted patents, one notice of allowance, and 28 pending applications. Outside the USA, Neuravi has multiple pending applications with the European Patent Office, in China and Japan, and internationally under the Patent Cooperation Treaty.

The design of Neuravi’s EmboTrap Revascularisation device was informed by research on the wide range of different clot types that can cause ischaemic stroke. Insights from this research led to the enhancement of the proprietary design of both the EmboTrap and future Neuravi devices in development, according to a company release.

The EmboTrap Revascularisation Device is available in Europe to treat patients with acute ischaemic stroke.  The EmboTrap is not currently approved in the USA, where it is available for investigational use only in the ARISE II clinical trial.