MicroPort NeuroTech hold results summary meeting for Tubridge multicentre trial


MicroPort NeuroTech has recently held its result-summary meeting, discussing the prospective, multicentre, randomised controlled clinical study for the Tubridge revascularisation device in Shanghai, China. Zhiyong Xie, general manager of MicroPort NeuroTech, and 13 specialists from various neurology centres participated in the meeting.

Zhiyong Xie presided over the meeting. Jianmin Liu from Shanghai Hospital commented on the process of clinical trial and Xiulong Yue, manager of CRO Corporation summarised the overall procedure of the clinical trial.

During the meeting, professors and experts discussed the clinical trial results including the integrity of the data and focal point for the next second-stage clinical trial. In addition, various professors from different hospitals talked about several difficult surgical cases.

Liu pointed out that Tubridge revascularisation device is actually the first flow diverter indicated for treatment of large aneurysms domestically. The device is designed to effectively address the recurrence rate problems from traditional stent-assisted coil embolisation method. In addition, this is also the first prospective, multicentre, randomised controlled clinical study in the cerebral neuroscience field in China.

Xie says, “The clinical study is the largest one in the field of neurovascular-related disease in China and strictly followed through the international standard procedure.”