CE mark granted to Medtronic for SureTune2 deep brain stimulation therapy



Medtronic has received CE mark for SureTune2 software, which is designed to provide patient-specific visualisation to help physicians make decisions on how to program their patient’s deep brain stimulation therapy. SureTune2 is currently not approved in the USA.

Deep brain stimulation patient programming can be an interactive process, which can be time-consuming for the hospital and the patient. SureTune2 is designed to help physicians more efficiently select the optimal stimulation settings on their programmer by visualising patient-specific information in one comprehensive view including anatomy, physiology, and calculated stimulation field. Users should be able to segment structures using a greyscale threshold within a region of interest, or by outlining shapes of interest from a patient image.

“SureTune will have an important impact on the care of patients with deep brain stimulation because it allows me for the first time to visualise activation patterns of deep brain stimulation within the individual segmented patient anatomy,” says Jens Volkmann, chairman and professor of neurology in the University Clinic of Würzburg. “It simplifies the trial and error process associated with deep brain stimulation programming by helping me identify the best contacts, which saves me time.”

“Medtronic is committed to providing advanced technology to the multidisciplinary teams who are helping DBS patients, and I’m convinced that SureTune will provide them with easy-to-use tools to aid in optimizing therapy outcomes,” says Lothar Krinke, vice president and general manager of the Brain Modulation business in Medtronic’s Restorative Therapies Group. “SureTune is a key aspect of Medtronic’s commitment to providing integrated solutions for improving accuracy and confidence from surgery to post-operative DBS patient management.”