BALT International acquires Blockade Medical

Blockade Medical Barricade Coil
Blockade Medical Barricade Coil

BALT International has announced that it has acquired Blockade Medical LLC, a privately held company focused on the development of catheter based therapeutic devices for the treatment of cerebral aneurysms. The terms of the acquisition were not disclosed.

According to a press release, this transaction perfectly aligns with BALT’s strategy, as defined by Nicolas Plowiecki and Bridgepoint at the end of 2015, to position BALT as a global leader in the neurovascular sector, and to develop its presence in the USA.

Blockade gives BALT an immediate footprint in the USA and expands the company’s presence in all key global markets. Moreover, Blockade’s Barricade Coil System perfectly complements BALT’s product portfolio, which is now the broadest in the market. In addition, focus will be placed on the development and commercialisation of additional innovative neurovascular devices for the treatment of aneurysms, stroke and other neurovascular conditions.

“This acquisition is a first strategic move towards transforming BALT into an integrated global neurovascular device company. BALT is recognised as a first mover in the market thanks to a world-class R&D team, which has proven its ability and rapidity to develop blockbuster products such as the LEO stent, the SILK flow diverter and the SONIC detachable tip micro catheter. Blockade will nicely complement our product portfolio and will give us a strong expandable US-based platform for our future development,” says Pascal Girin, chief executive officer of BALT Inc and president of BALT International.

“We are proud to have Blockade Medical as a part of the BALT organisation. Together, we will bring to market high quality products and maintain full technological independence, both at the root of innovation power,” says Nicolas Plowiecki, president of BALT.

“Blockade Medical is excited to join the BALT team. We believe the neurovascular expertise at Blockade Medical will complement BALT’s efficient and innovative organisation. Unlike most competitors, BALT masters the whole value chain from design, manufacturing to distribution,” said Dave Ferrera, Blockade Medical’s president and chief technology officer.