AdvaMed, MITA & MDMA applaud congress for passage of the medical device tax suspension


The Advanced Medical Technology Association (AdvaMed), the Medical Imaging & Technology Alliance (MITA) and the Medical Device Manufacturers Association (MDMA) have applauded the US Congress for their passage of a two year suspension of the medical device excise tax, in year-end legislation.

“America’s medical technology companies, including our nearly 2 million employees and the countless patients we serve, appreciate the broad bipartisan effort to suspend the medical device tax. This critical relief would not be possible without the tireless efforts by a large group of champions in Congress as well as among the patient, provider and research communities. Congress and the administration have demonstrated that they recognise the negative effects of this tax. We urge policymakers to continue their work to eliminate the device tax and address other factors that are threatening the health care innovation ecosystem,” says AdvaMed board chairman Vincent A Forlenza, chairman, CEO and president of BD.

“We are grateful that Congress was able to come together to preserve US jobs and medical innovation by delaying the device tax for two years,” says MITA board chairman Nelson Mendes, president and CEO of Ziehm Imaging, “The bipartisan cooperation we have seen gives us hope that policymakers will continue their work to fully address the device tax for employees, patients and advocates across the country who have been impacted by its harmful effects.”

“MDMA thanks the tireless, bipartisan leadership in Congress that achieved this important milestone on the road towards permanently repealing the medical device tax,” says MDMA Chairman Scott Huennekens, president and CEO of Verb Surgical. “MDMA has fought against this policy since it was first proposed in 2009, and while suspension of the medical device tax is a positive step, we will remain focused on repealing a policy that only serves to punish a vital sector of America’s innovation ecosystem.”