1 Mission 1 Million initiative works to improve stroke prevention in atrial fibrillation


1 Mission 1 Million – Getting to the Heart of Strokeannounced plans to launch a new phase of the initiative dedicated to raise awareness of atrial fibrillation and its link to stroke. Community-based action is at the heart of this global initiative and during 2012 the campaign will continue to support projects around the world.

Campaign sponsor Boehringer Ingelheim, in collaboration with AntiCoagulation Europe (ACE), the Atrial Fibrillation Association (AFA), the Stroke Alliance for Europe (SAFE) and the World Heart Federation (WHF), will continue to raise awareness of atrial fibrillation and its link to stroke to improve management of this condition.

During World Heart Rhythm Week, 21–27 May 2012, 1 Mission 1 Million will reveal more details about their plans to support ongoing work in AF and additional planned activities taking place later this year. 1 Mission 1 Million will continue to support projects around the world which aim to help prevent AF-related stroke and is working with campaign supporters to determine how activities will be run in 2012. 1 Mission 1 Million further intends to provide a platform for patients, careers and all interested individuals to share their AF stories to inspire others to contribute to preventing AF- related stroke. A petition is also planned to unite people around the globe to support initiatives contributing to the aims of 1 Mission 1 Million.

“2012 will offer more opportunities for those working to prevent AF–related strokes”, said Kathryn Taubert, chief science officer for the World Heart Federation. “Many people are not fully aware of the increased risk of stroke associated with AF, despite it being the most common heart rhythm abnormality.The World Heart Federation is proud to support 1 Mission 1 Million, an initiative which will continue to raise awareness and make a positive impact to those affected by this condition.”

According to the World Heart Federation, as many as three million people worldwide have an AF-related stroke every year; equivalent to one person every 10 seconds. One in four people aged 40 years or older develop AF, the most common sustained heart rhythm abnormality worldwide, during their lifetime. In addition, AF-related strokes are more severe and are associated with more disability than non-atrial fibrillation strokes.

“1 Mission 1 Million has already made a huge difference by funding AF-related stroke prevention projects and potentially saving many lives.” said Trudie Lobban, founder and CEO of the Atrial Fibrillation Association. “2012 represents another exciting year for the initiative as even bolder measures are taken to encourage action at both a community and global level. There will be many ways people can get involved and come together to ensure AF-related stroke prevention is recognised and managed effectively across the world.”

About 1 Mission 1 Million

1 Mission 1 Million – Getting to the Heart of Stroke is a global disease awareness initiative, supported by leading health experts and more than 40 patient and professional organisations including AntiCoagulation Europe, the Atrial Fibrillation Association, the Stroke Alliance for Europe and the World Heart Federation and is sponsored by Boehringer Ingelheim.

In 2011, two million public votes were received online for 184 1 Mission 1 Million project submissions entered by individuals, patient and professional groups and healthcare centres across 36 countries. Each submission proposed an approach to increase awareness of AF-related stroke within the community whether through research, screening programmes or the creation of patient groups.1 Mission 1 Million awarded €1 million in funding to 32 winning projects spanning the globe from Malaysia to Canada across 18 different countries.